CUDA we do it? Yes we can!

It may have been a while since our last blog post, but thanks to our wonderful community of contributors the steady progress of releases has gone on unabated.

Now we have a new challenge for you.

OpenCV has had CUDA hardware acceleration for quite some time. We are working on adding lots more functions to our CUDA support in GoCV and we need you to help get it done.

Here is what you can do.

What CUDA you do

Go to the GoCV ROADMAP for the dev branch at

Pick a CUDA function or class you want to help with.

Let everyone know you CUDA

Check the GH issues to see if anyone else has gotten started on that function already.

If it is already listed, then please choose another function

If no one is working on it yet, please create a GH issue saying that you will work on that function. Make sure to add the label “CUDA”.

CUDA implement it

Work on your PR. Make sure you create a smoke test. See our page for contributing at for details.

CUDA done already

Once your PR is done, send a DM to us on Twitter or Slack with your address, and we will send you a sticker!

CUDA go further

CUDA you go even further? Implement another missing feature!

The contributor who creates the most merged PRs that add CUDA functions during the month of April 2021 will receive a special gift: an NVIDIA Jetson Nano developer kit!

CUDA stay informed

Stay up to date with all our project activity. Follow us on Twitter at @GoCVio for the latest updates.